Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Few Things Happened Today : iTunes, Socialspark, TGV, Facebook

Today I got an email from Socialspark saying that this blog cannot be approve because I haven't made a blog from February until May this year. So, because of my laziness of not posting anything for the past few months, I have to wait another 90 days before resubmit my blog to them. I used to join Socialspark when this blog's domain name is Kabelduit.com but since I've been drifted by other online business, I neglect this blog for quite a while.

For those who hasn't join Socialspark, it is very advisable to join them because big names join Socialspark as well for example the famous Shoemaker and many more. Socialspark is not only a version of social networking + sponsored reviews site aka Facebook + PayPerPost but also a good place to find other opportunity excluded reviews such as daily sponsorship and many more. Being a US citizen will have more opportunities rather than other citizen such as Malaysian because some of the advertisers are very specific on the blogger's nation.

At the same time, I got my very first bill from iTunes since I bought an iPhone a few weeks (If I'm not mistaken) ago. Since I only download free application, my latest billing is only $0.00. I registered for iTunes store a days ago and download a few application such as Yahoo Messenger and free games. Yahoo Messenger in iPhone has the same problem as their application on Windows as you can sometimes unable to log in. Other than that, all is in good shape. I would love to remind you that Yahoo Messenger on iPhone do not have video functions.

It's been a while since I advertising my ebook which is Raja Bidvertiser and I would love to advertise them back. Raja Bidvertiser or Bidvertiser King 001 (you can find it in Payloadz) is an e-book that talks about my research on Bidvertiser and how to gain profit less than a week. Its step by step method and secrets techniques been revealed as well. See the controversial parts, you will love it. I want to advertise on Facebook but I just know from Naim that Facebook coupon cannot be used any longer. So, I need to target MySpace but I'm not sure I got a quality traffic there.

I also watched a movie today entitled "Syurga Cinta". I forgot who's the actors and actress but if I'm not mistaken, a girl from reality television "Akademi Fantasia" season five involved as the main character. My comment on the movie? Its gonna make you sleepy. Maybe because most of the actors and actress are new, they intend to go by the script and talk like a script, you understand what I mean right? The movie is not so real and its full of ideological and literacy approaches, making me feel so sleepy listening to the long talkative and boring "dialogue". Overall, it still a good movie especially for teenagers on how to be a good couple. See the intro here. Till then!

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