Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finding The Right Note / Dropshipper

I have a question. What is a device that cost a lot, change a lot and sell a lot? The answer is mobile phone. Almost everyone in the whole world have one (except if you take a look at Discovery Channel's ads about someone yelling someone's name) and its not just as a mere gadget, its a compulsary item that ensure we can connect to anyone at every moment. Therefore, selling mobile phone on the internet is a good business but finding the right note is hard.

So, what's the hot pick right now? What's the trend? and how to gain benefit from it? If you asked me, people are currently hussling for a) Apple iPhone 3G 16GB/8GB and b) BlackBerry Bold 9000. Before this I'm not sure why BlackBerry Storm 9500 cannot win with Bold but now I know, Storm don't have WiFi...(that's so similar to China imitation phone). Companies are also fighthing for the biggest pixel in camera and I get intel saying that there will be 16Megapixel camera! (Is that true? Its not something that's not possible because we already reach 8.0) Finding the right distributer/dropshipper is crucial because the price will reflects on your profit as well. Chinavasion? Nope. Don't use them for phones, but other items not related to phone might be okay.

In search of finding the right dropship (already have a few, but searching for more), bare in mind that reputation suits all. MKEurope gives a best price but it turns out to be a big fat fraud (I'm claiming the membership fees right now) and so does some other websites. For mobile phone accessories, I stumbled upon The website seemed nice, and its been promoted by one of the Entrecarder. It doesn't sell phones but their accessories from casing to bluetooth headset.
Mixing up and emerge along with the trends, China imitation becomes a new phenomenon and its been emerged in two ways. The first one is "been cheated" and the second one is "cheap but style". China phone is cheap and don't be shocked as some of the appearance is 1:1 similar! Upgraded China phone (such as HTC S1 that I sell right now) have 2.0 Megapixel camera, Touch Flo and even WiFi! The price is dead cheap! This phones emerges by quoating the niche such as BlueBerry Bold 9000 ZLi, Hiphone 3G 16GB, Diamond J6 and many more.
For those who interested to buy a piece of HTC S1, don't forget to ask me at kabelduit(a), I give the best discount and free shipping. You can see the positive feedbacks that people put regarding the phone on Youtube! Till then!


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  2. Now that's one angry customer. Im sorry but I did state its an China before you bid. People lazy to read and make a bid, later after the item was sent decided wanted to blame the seller.

    I'm sure they put the specification column for the buyer to read. Btw, I never state the phone as original. Dont be angry due to your own mistake, sorry lad...