Friday, May 15, 2009

Fishing (Phishing) Username And Password

Phishing is not a new phenomenon in the internet world. The lighter part might only involves your username and password for download sites or premium membership of a certain group by a heavy phishing might involved bank account, merchant account or something that related to financial gate. Phishing using an email is an old trick that maybe been practiced only by newbies unless if you can find a good email name to cover up the sender. Other than that is just a mere senders that wanted to try out.

What is the latest trend of this phisherman that catching big fishes on the internet sea? It's not using email any longer but going for a less troublesome tactic which is using phishing account to tackle the rapidshare or megaupload account. These account can worth quite a lot too. Imagine if you can take up two three or four accounts per day, selling them for $10 per account. Multiply it by 30 days and you will get quite a lot in a month.

So, how do they do it? This tutorial is not for you to try but to avoid so that your paid account will not be in stake. The phisherman uses forums and blogs as a main course to throw the net. The easiest bait is link downloads to movies, series and anime. Therefore, when you wanted to download something from the forum, be very careful with the links. The first few links are real links, and they might fool you with three or more links to your favourite movie until they are able to put you as the good guy. Later the phisherman will start to put their phising sites instead.

It will take at least a day for the phisherman to see their fishes, their catch of the day. Therefore I suddenly you accidentally unable to download after you fill your username and password, straight away change them. Don't wait until 24 hours because it might be just too late. How many did they get? Imagine if they sell an account for $10, 10 accounts are already $100. These accounts are hot in the market because its cheap and the duration between 3 to 4 months. So, beware when you downloading anything. Till then!

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