Thursday, May 7, 2009

ForexAutoMoney, What I Found Out?

Forex has proven itself to be one of the fastest way to make money on the internet and the quickest way to face bankcrupcy as well. When there's a gain, there's always a risk. I always wanted to venture into forex but since I have no knowledge out of it, its seemed hard. Losing a few hundred dollars is not what I have in mind. This is where ForexAutoMoney comes into play.

I don't know whether you can see it on the banners or not but ForexAutoMoney is conquering Adsense, just like what Travian did on the past year. Its sound so convincing and tempting when it says all you need to do is "click" and the money will flow. Just wait for the green lights and click buy or sell, later it will grow our money. Is it always that easy? Well, don't be fooled when you play its game, that's surely easy. Overall, I have an intuation to join.

Its my habit to check on Google either this site is a scam or not because that's how I obtained information and some reviews said that its nothing more but a scam. The site even got problems with bandwitch so imagine if the signal comes but you can't do anything, its simply frustrating. Some of the previous members complains that the help center never pick up the phones or reply their messages once they've become a member. Some even have to pay extra after the trial version eventhough they decided to withdraw before the time ended. I'm not accussing of anything but other's experience already give a chill sensation to me. I'm not ready to invest on this platform.

Unrelated to that, I've put the banner (so ugly, no professional at all) on top of this posting incase that anyone feeling like they wanted to see how imitation can imitates them. Don't forgot to read on the latest post, Blueberry Bold 9000. The features are so similar, even the quality of the interface, that it might blow you away. High quality at the lowest possible price, that's what we stand for. New phones will be updated via post, no more pages. It's still under free Wordpress, please don't bother about it.

Lastly, I checked my recent Google Adsense's account and guess what, it doesn't move from $22.00 since last year. Haha, I see that coming so I don't mind. Besides, I'm blogging for fun, not thinking much about making this a profitable hobby. Till then!

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