Monday, May 11, 2009

Google Apps A Blogspot's Advantage

A few days ago I used the Blogger custom domain service to buy my new domain name which is now and later held a contest just to boost the new domain name a little bit and of course to make this fun. Converting from free platform to paid platform is easy when it be done from the inside rather than you buy your own web hosting and domain from other service provider. All you need is a Google Checkout account. Google will buy the domain from Go Daddy and later merge the new domain with your current blog easily. You don't have to open Go Daddy's account or asked the Blogger's technical team to help you with the merge because they do that automatically.
Last year, I use external service provider to host Blogger's blog platform. It took about three days to settle and I do lost quite a lot because I don't take advantage of the web hosting cpanel at all. I don't use Fantastico, I don't use ftp advantage and so on. Therefore, its more like a wasted $20 for nothing. That's why this time I decided to make Blogger my blog host. Its free and easy. Using Google Apps to manage my inbox and other related material also make things simple.

Doing this has its own advantage and disadvantage. The advantage comes from the easy to apply Google Apps where you can manage your email easily. The interface for email is using GMail and that's really helps a lot especially when dealing with lots of email. I don't use other features much but maybe will explore it later. Other than that, its free because we host our Blogger's blog using Blogger itself. We also don't have to think about how to merge the domain with the blog because its been settled within a few minutes.

Disadvantage. One thing for sure, if something happens to Blogger, it will happens to your blog as well because Blogger is the main platform but you just paid only for the domain name. I'm also not sure how to move the domain name incase we wanted to use this domain name at other website because I didn't register with Go Daddy for account application.

For bloggers that using Blogger, I personally recommend using the innate payment to set your blog with paid domain. Its much faster, easier and reliable. Besides, that's what make Blogger much better compared to Wordpress in a way,till then!

P/S : I still cannot upload a new image to be put on my Wordpress website, I'm not sure what's happen because after upload everything went blank and white. Oh ya, its about HTC S1 that equip not only with WiFi but also touch screen and 2 Megapixel camera. It used Windows 6. Price only $200!
P/P/S : Review contest ends within another two day!

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