Friday, May 29, 2009

How To Put Music From PC To iPhone

This morning I scouted the internet for ways to put music from my computer to my iPhone. Some suggested that using software, even cracking and hacking your phone that might lead to the destruction of the phone itself and even going on for a different approaches by using hijacked account and purchase some musics. I am so frustrated until I stumbled with this blog, that really solved my problem. Credits to him and his great explanation.

Just to make it short, the best way to put songs from PC to iPhone without smashing your iPhone to pieces is simply by using iTunes. I heard many are quite angry with iTunes but for me its the best application suits for iPhone. Its stylish in design and reliable too. Okay, firstly you need to create a playlist. The easiest way is to make a new playlist by click File and choose New Playlist. Put the playlist by any names such as "Kabelduitonline Rocks!" (Just an example)

Later at the new playlist, all you need to do is find your music folder, drag it and drop it to the blank playlist. The music will later be streaming into your new playlist and you might need to convert some of the musics as well due to unsupported formats. Some formats just can't be put inside iTunes and nothing can be done about it. Later, connect your iPhone with your computer and choose music.

Tick Sync Music and choose the selected playlist. In this example its "Kabelduitonline Rocks!". Dave has a more decent approach, naming the playlist as "iPhone Sync". Do bare in mind that the old playlist will be deleted and it will be replaced with a new one. So, if you love your old playlist, better you make a copy out of it. Afterwards the sync begins and ends when all the songs been put inside your iPhone. Now you can enjoy music from your computer inside your iPhone using iPod application, till then!

P/S : Please go to askdavetaylor for illustrated version of this post. A word of advice, don't crack your iPhone.

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