Thursday, May 28, 2009

iTunes $50 Gift Card, $15 Discount

As an iPhone user, I understand that in order to have some good applications and music inside your iPhone, you need to purchase them from iTunes and it simply will cost some money. You can get some good free applications but in the end, the paid one is better. One of the application that really interest me is the zooming application where you can actually zoom using your iPhone's camera.

I'm not going to talk about the application on iPhone but how to minimize the amount you paid for the application and this is one of the way, buying iTunes $50 Gift Card for only $35! In this case, you already save $15 or equavalent with three free paid application as most application do not exceed $5 each. This is not a hacked gift card or whatever inside your mind right now but its an original gift card from iTunes that been sold in a bulk.

I'm not going to ship you the card itself because its simply waste of time and not costly effective, therefore I shall send you an email to your Paypal account within 12 hours after purchase the code you needed and please use it within 12 hours after you received the code. Do bare in mind that this code is only effective for United State iTunes store. Meaning that you need to change the store location at the end of the iTunes's page.

Payment using Paypal is highly appreciated. I do not except any payment including personal cheques, money order or Western Union that takes a week to arrive at my doorstep and that does'nt include cashing it. Since I'm using Paypal, you can also pay using your credit or debit card. I can't sold the item on eBay because the probability of being banned is high because selling wholesales iTunes cards. Till then!

For any inquiries, please email me at

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  1. do you still sell this thing??