Monday, May 18, 2009

Joint Problem, Need A Replacement

As an online internet marketer, computer (especially laptop) has become an essential gadget to ensure that we always connected to the internet (you still need broadband too!). I've been using my Dell Latitude D600 for more than 3 years now and its started to lost its shape. Both of the joints are already break into two and I need a support pole at the back to hold the screen so that it doesn't flip off. Pretty bad, uh? The battery still last long and the other features are still superb.

But its kinda odd when I see my friends laptops (not a friend, but friends) because theirs are still brand new but already faces a lot of problem. I don't know wether your laptop have the same problem as theirs or not. Overall, most of them buy A*** laptop that claims to be number one in Malaysia. I don't know how did they get that rank but nothing is impossible since even C***** broadband also can get number one eventhough the service is bad. Maybe its just a matter of advertising, that's why the name got so high but the quality is still low. (Its almost the same just like a video clip at Apple site about Mac and PC fight about either fund should be put to repair problems or more on advertising, of course lastly PC put all fund on advertising)

What's the problem? Well, the most common one is the battery power won't last long. Most of my friends laptops batteries are still brand new but it can only last for a few minutes, not like mine. The lid has always be a problem. Because its not so vigilant, the lid always cracked at the joint and this will eventually distupt the screen. The screen will started either to fade or becomes to bright for you to see anything. Other than that, everything else works properly.

I need a replacement for my old Dell, maybe I decided to go for Dell as well. I never thinking of trying A*** due to the lack of quality but I haven't heard problems from A*** Clamshell users yet. The only problem with Clamshell that I heard so far is just internal (Windows) problem. Clamshell has strengthen its joint and lid so that it stays strong. Overall, just bare in mind that just because you see the advertisement daily, it doesnt mean the item is good.

I might also wanted to try out Mac Air. The price is quite painful, RM6000.00 is a lot and since its operated in Mac, I might have to get use to it before really turn on to Mac Air. I might not searching for a powerful graphic laptop but maybe a small laptop so that I can surf the internet comformly at the ease of my home. Till then!

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