Monday, May 4, 2009

Love letter from eBay Customer Support

Today I got two love letters from eBay customer support, one is regarding my sell's limitation and the second one is more on answering my question regarding the first message. After 24 hours of blurry on what am I suppose to do, finally I got the answer. eBay wants me to give them my copy of driver's license, credit card billing and a few latest transactions and invoices regarding the item I sold which is Apple iPhone 3G 16GB OEM and HTC Touch. To be honest, there is no transaction of HTC Touch, I wonder how to give that to them. Maybe they thought the cancelled transaction is a successful transaction. Oh well, eBay is navigated by human anyway and human makes mistake.

Getting a copy of driver's license is not a problem, I only need to give them a few copy of it because everytime I renew my driver's license, I forget to bring my photos along. So, all my driver's license need to be inserted along with my first drivers's license which already expired because only the first driver's license got picture on it. Getting transactions and invoices are big problems especially for those online sellers and buyers like me. When you dropshipping, they don't give invoice but only pending items on the cart. I foward this to eBay and they accepted my offer that I shall give them my Paypal transaction's details.

Talking about credit card, sorry to say I dont "credit", I use debit only. Debit is the safest way to escape from the misery of loan shark, making loan and facing bankcrupcy. I urge anyone who wanted to start selling on eBay to stop using credit card and VCC. Imagine, how are you going to give card billings if you use VCC? At that time, its already too late unless you managed to get a card in time. Since my debit card offers online statement, I need to print it out. Later, need to fax all of it to eBay Southeast Asia.

More story's out of that topic... today I made another payment for iPhone and guess what, the website system forgot to put the item under pending verification but instead stick with waiting payment. What I sent emails and Paypal's transaction details to the VIP helper team (I'm a VIP..huh) to help out with the process. Hope its settled by today.

I got exam tomorrow morning, so wish me luck!

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