Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Majalah IM 13th Edition, I'm Late

It's already 5th May 2009 Malaysia time and it means one thing, I'm five days late from reviewing Flarebiz team's ezine, Majalah IM which is already reached its 13th edition. That's a lot of adjective..heh. So, the 13th edition is more on Pro-blogging, a new phenomenon that already swap across Malaysia not only to its citizen but also Malaysia's leader (our prime minister, ex prime minister and the exco's got blog too!) Now, that's a swap. Of course tuning from personal to politic is nothing new in blog. Its like fighting agenda against another agenda on virtual ground.

So, what will you get on this 13th edition ezine? I've downloaded them a few hours ago, go to sleep and read them before writing this review. Its classy, nice layout and of course good content. Noted that I'm NOT one of the IM team so its fair and square, clear sheet's review. So, its more on blogging, types of blogging and blogging platform, determining the niches, how to get ideas, tips to make a blog as an income generator and many more. You can download the Zip file if you wanted to listen to the interview with Rohaizad, one of Malaysia's pro-blogger.

Its not just about blogging, its also talking about Clickbank and some of the problems related to Clickbank for example regarding customer that stole products, and many more. Its interesting to read how to solve the problems. The advertisement? That's normal. Just go through and click if you think it interest you. So, I've read throught and make a conclusion that I'm definately not a pro-blogger, I'm more on personal approach.

Well, need to know more? Go to their website and download them. Do noted that its in Malay language.

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