Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Me Against MKEurope, The Winner Is...

A few days ago I had written a post regarding my case with MKEurope. MKEurope is a dropshipping company that sells online items from mobile phones to camera and other stuff where we can syncronize it with our eBay (I don't know about that because I've applied for the membership to syncronize it but nothing happen, so I file a resolution.) Well, after a long wait, I finally got the ultimate result on the resolution battlefield. Many of my men have died, cannons were shattered to pieces, ground full of arrow's spikes and slashes from swords, smell of gunpowder arouse the air and finally someone must raise their white flag. The winner of the battle goes to..da..dadada....me! Today I get two messages from Paypal regarding the case and it seemed I won it. At last...

As you can see, there is no more Youth Media at the corner of this blog. Its a crucial thing to do because after a few days, the viewer get less than 40. That's too low. I already get a love letter from Nuffnang that jelous with my relationship with Youth Media and I have fallen from Gliterati members. Now I'm claiming back the title after a while. You can see the actual message that Nuffnang sent to me below. Before this I don't know that Youth Media is going to make advertisement from the members, no wonder Nuffnang consider YM as a rival.

I haven't drop Entrecard for a few days now, I'm sure gonna lost a lot of readers from that site. I'm now trying my best to drop back each and every people that drop me for the past few days. Speaking of Entrecard, my application to sell my Entercard points still hasn't got any information. I think its because I don't approve any paid ads. I've heard that in order to gain benefit from that program, you must approve paid ads. I think its worth a few dollars only so its not worth it (only my two cents) since its shows unfairness to other droppers. Till then!

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