Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Motorola V3 Razr Deal, Good For Seller

While waiting for iTunes to finish download the latest updates of my iPhone application firmware which is 246 MB, I browse on the internet and some websites that involves in drop shipping and wholesales item. When we talked about China's manufacturer, its always about imitation and low quality item. That does not include a slow delivery via EMS. As you might have known or should know, China is a place where many items were produced in a mass scale such as an iPhone. It has stated at the back of every iPhone that it was designed by Apple California but manufactured in China. Enough talk, its about Motorola V3 Razr.

I'm not talking about imitation, high quality clone or anything similar to that but its an original Motorola V3 Razr that been selling in bundles and the price is extremely cheap for a new gadget. I'm sure that mobile phone sellers should take advantage of these because we're not talking about second hand phone, but new phones. I'm not sure what's the market price is but the price for wholesales can be as low as $39.99 per piece and its an original piece! All the functions are there including the internet browsing, same pixel camera and 3G (if Razr V3 have one).

So, is it worth it? If you asked me, I can sell those phones in separately and earn a good cash on it. Since some countries such as Malaysia need to have SIRIM and AP, its better if you apply for AP before you buy the items so that it will went smoothly and you get more profits in the long run because applying for SIRIM and AP will take more than RM300 in some cases while applying for a year permit is only RM200. Just ensure that all details been provided and you can have those by contacting the seller.

I'm wandering, is it really that obvious that Motorola is good to buy but not a good phone for second hand sale? Some say that Motorola phones are easily outdated with their own latest phone, making the price of the previous phones fall significantly due to rivalry. But taking on these concept, sorry to say that a Nokia phone has a better price maintainance as you can see some of Nokia's phone such as N series and E series can still have a good price eventhough new models were released quite often. For example, the launch of Nokia Xpress Music 5800 do not decrease the value of other Xpress Music.

Even Razr V3 really goes on for a good deal, I'm sticking with my iPhone. The touch features still the best experience I had so far and it shows "luxury" in certain occassion even if I don't have any money in my pocket at that time. If any of you wanted to buy Razr V3 in bundles, don't hesitate to contact me ya! Till then!

P/S : The price $39.99 is only for bundle purchases. Single purchase might have different price.

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