Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Unlimited Broadband Shouldnt Be Limited! (Arguments and Reasons)

I've been getting messages about using my UNLIMITED broadband which I subscribed monthly and paid MYR100 every month, saying that I have exceeded the LIMIT which is 5GB per month. Moreover, the message saying that this is COMPLY with the packages TERMS and CONDITION. Okay, now remember all the bolded words. If you asked me, am I exceeding 5GB of data transfer? I think so, because I online almost everyday. For Malaysian that subscribe to this broadband service provider, have you noticed that the internet connection is rather slow lately. Based on the argument, I put some proves where I'm suppose to get unlimited broadband, exceeded 5GB or more. I pay for it, its not free!

Before I show you the argument, take a look at this two SMS from them. What did they say? I've exceeded the limit and its on the TOS about it, right? If you can't see it well, please use the Magnifier located on Program File > Accessories > Accessibility > Magnifier. You might need the magnifier to look at the proof that I should get what I've subscribed for.

Now, take a look at this advertisement. This is their advertisement. Its on the newspaper and even online. Please use the magnifier to read what it says, let me quote it for you if you're using Mac or delete the application already, "Get a free modem if you sign up now with C***** Broadband Monthly UNLIMITED at ONLY RM99/month..." It says unlimited. What is the difference between limited and unlimited? Its the "un" which stands for NOT. And if its NOT, it shouldn't have any limitation at all! The irony...

Okay, the message also say something about TOS. I see, so they wanted to play with the TOS too. I clicked on the "Terms and Condition apply" and guess what, it doesnt state anything about limiting the broadband data transfer for 5GB per month. So, its not on the package TOS. Please look through the TOS using the magnifier.

Okay,done talking. You might be asking me, why I didn't quit? Guess what, I've taken the RM100/month package to get a "free" (installment actually) broadband and I'm stuck with the contract for another 6 months. After that, I', thinking of switching the service provider. Till then!


  1. we do have the same problem. celcom.

  2. Yup,same here. "Number One Broadband in Malaysia" is only on advertising, not number one in service..I can't wait until my contract finish!

  3. unlimited time not the space..haha

  4. Haha,unlimited time..nice one Tania..that is sooo marketing tactics! Decieve in words...

  5. hi,
    nice info here... so what the best choice? how about Umobile?

  6. Hi mancai, well...about Umobile..I heard a rumor saying that Umobile is using Celcom's coverage and network (like adapt and adopt) so if the Celcom works bad, so does Umobile. Unfortunately, I can't comfirm that.