Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Domain Competition, $60 For Grab!

Technically, this is the second time this blog got a paid domain name, before this its but since the name still hasn't expire (but the web hosting does), I decided to create a new one, which I paid and booked from inside Blogger itself using Google Checkout. Within a few minutes, all the data has been transfered. Good job for the quick job! As usual, new domain need some boost. Therefore, I decided to organized a review competition.

This competition been divided into two, the first one is local (Malaysia) review and the second one is international review. Well, the prize isnt that much, just $20 for both winners and it will be paid via Paypal. For Malaysia context, you can either accept Paypal or local bank transfer (rate will be based on latest XE). So, here's the rule of the competition.

  1. There only be one winner for Malaysia and two winners for international.
  2. All review must include the link to this blog which is with www attached infront.
  3. Both positive and negative reviews can be accepted but "too" negative shall be rejected without notice.
  4. Review must be not less than 100 words.
  5. All reviews need to be submitted by sending me an email to yakuza666{a} titled : $60 Reviews and please include your name, your Paypal ID/Maybank number, the link to the post.
  6. Both free and paid blogs can participate.
  7. The winner will be announced at this blog on 13th May 2009. (GMT+8)
  8. My decision cannot be questioned and firm.
  9. If you're an Entrecard friend, prize include 500 EC each.

That's all. I think its not that hard, right? All you need to do is make a review and pray that you're one of the winner. Till then!


  1. i really want to join this review contest.i'll make a review later.coz lately busy with my study

  2. hoho. aku kan try. Masuk dalam list review2 aku. Sibuk sket sekarang.

  3. Thank ilhamputra n titan, masuk jangan x masuk!

  4. hahhaa..klu titan msk confirm menang meh..ekekekeke..hmm..mcm best juga ni klu try join review kali ni..dah lama xmsk contest!!hahhaa

  5. No comment, by the way, ada tiga pemenang bukan sorang. Sayang skali da tutup da, next time boleh join lagi :D

  6. dah dapat hadiah. Thanks. :)

  7. Congrates to you, ohmelayu :)