Friday, May 8, 2009

Online Grocery Store

In the future, people have visioned that everything (or almost) will be online. Its doesn't end on buying physical product such as handphones or camera but also grocery items. If that's the case, mothers at home don't have to get all packed up just to go to the grocery store and buy some milks, or any grocery item. All they need to do is log in, ensure that they're verified user for both online banking and internet merchant account and lastly knowing the right website. We're not too far from that as website like has really makes a mom's chores much easier.

How easy can it be? is a local Malaysia's website that offers groceries and everyday item to be bought and delivered online. Mothers that exposed to IT already seen this as a way to save time and money. Instead of just going to grocery and waste both time and money for travelling, gaseous and parking lot, better just go click and wait for the item to arrived at their doorstep. The website has becoming increasely popular by the minute as more and more items been put there.

Other than that, all necessary items also available from perfume, to car perfume, novels and even oil for your car and motorcycle. The website has more to come and customer gets more options. If the item that the customers seek are not available on the shop, they can look out at the directory, In directory, there are websites that offers a lot more, from services, goods and even e-books. This directory both benefit the seller and the buyer because seller can put their website there are buyer can find more options for their online shopping.

Overall its a good ecommerce website. The interface is clean and clear, no hickups anywhere but maybe the owner should offers more items to be sold for example maybe canned food, instant noodles, grain, sugar, rice? (I wonder how to send that) so that it looks a lot like a grocery shop.

P/s : I forgot to buy some instant Nescafe and since there's examination tomorrow, I might just order one and focus more on greater things, right?

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