Sunday, May 3, 2009

Opening A New Chapter

I admit it has been a long day, a few months I think since I really make a post on this blog. The previous post is so bad that I will not consider it as mine. I'm not sure how this browsing looks like because I'm blogging using Internet Explorer, the latest version that surely crashed a lot. The good thing about the updated version is that after its crashed, it will fix itself later but its just like refreshing a page and that's not an improvement but just a backup.

As you might know, I'm now an Ebay seller, not a power seller but just a small seller that try to do some business using the largest mall in the world. Its been a few weeks right now and I'm trying to build my reputation. Unfortunately, last night I got a message (more as an alert) saying that I've been prohibited to post new item because to fight counterfeiting and so on. I don't really know how to settle this problem because the method to settle it is not been stated clearly on the warning. I've foward this to Ebay's team and hope to hear a good reply from them soon. My account is running out of goods for sale as all the items are reaching the end time. Joybidder is a normal things and also having to go to resolution stage a few times. I also been accused for Shill Bidding which I'm not but nothing can be done about that either.

That is just a part of the I make a few payments to the manufacturer so that they can send their items (iphones) to the buyer as soon as possible. I'm so pissed when the technical team saying that I did'nt pay for it yet. I've foward them the Paypal bill and transaction details last night so I hope by today everything will work well. The transaction cost thousands therefore this should not be happening. I've also quiet worried that one of the inter-bank payment has not reached my account yet but I already booked his iphones. I hope I can see the amount by today.

Forgot to mention that I'm still under examination week so do pray for my success on the examination as well. Afterall, internet marketing is just a "side" income. This post is so cold, but I think I will love this style of writing. I'm back online!

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