Friday, May 15, 2009

Palestine Nakhbah - 60 Years Of Zionist Oppression

Salam and thank you all for reading, today is Palestine Nakhbah, the mark where the oppression to the Palestinian people started. Nakhbah means Catastrophy or Disaster and if I'm not mistaken its from arabic word. Nakhbah was/will/shall be remembered on 15th May every year where Zionist (I don't state Jewish, but Zionist because not all Jewish agrees with the foundation of Israel. Even as stated from Rabbi interviewed by the press (see Youtube) the Jewish people that reside in Palestine fight together side by side with Muslims and Christians to drove the Zionist away but they failed. The Rabbi says that in Torah, the Jewish nation CANNOT be establish until Messiah comes or Jewish shall perish.)

6 days before (9th May) is the remembrance of Deir Yassin massacre where Commander of Irgun and the Stern Gang attacked a Palestianian village (750 residents). 100 men, women and children were slaugthered mercilessly and systematically (one at a time) and 53 orphanages were dumped along the road. The orpahanges later been saved by Miss Hind Husseini and been taken care to her home. See also : Deir Yassin Remembered.

Palestine Nakhbah is the initial line that produce freedom figthers that willing to fight in order to free themselves from the invaders, the Zionist that creates an illegal state of Israel. This freedom figthers form groups that we called today as Hamas, Fatah, PLO and many more. These are people that fight against oppression, not terrorist! I am glad and thankful even after 60 years, Malaysia has never approved Israel as legal state and even do not put Israel as a country in maps and don't permit Malaysian to visit Israel. I salute my nation! See also : Nakhbah.

Right now, more people starting to understand the real situation of what happening in Palestine and see how much they have suffered. Media that been controlled by the Zionist can never cover the sin and torture, oppression and merciless crimes that have been done to Palestinian people for more than 60 years.

Let all remember that Nakhbah not only means that the oppression on Palestine has started but also showing Muslim nowdays are weak and irresponsible towards their brothers and sisters, which is nothing similar with Muslims that lives 1400 years ago. More Allah forgive us and give us guidance and courage to stand up and fight either by physically, mentally, economically or politically. Till then!