Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Paypal Resolution Battleground, I'm Losing!

Have your buyer ever try to take back their money after they take the goods and run away? Its not just about Paypal Chargeback that hurts many sellers like me but also Paypal Resolution center that don't really resolute it in a fair manners. I've been scammed by my buyers twice already. One of them already win the claim and get away with my e-book and the second one might be winning and get away with my phone! That's too much! If the buyer win this time, I'm surely going to give Paypal a bad rate.

The story goes on like this. The buyer bought a phone, an imitation phone (which I stated extra large at the header) and pay an amount that I will not state here. (pretty obvious, just go to the site and look). Well, after the buyer paid for it, give the address and wait for the item. I struggled to keep everything in place and shipped the item to the buyer's address. After the buyer received the phone, he made a claim and say that I sell "imitation" phone, he feels cheated.

What da tuuuuttt (sensor), of course its imitation! Aren't you read at the banner saying that its IMITATION phone. I am so tuuuut angry with these and wanted to fight back for the item. Later he added saying that "its confusing". What da tuuuutt (again), its confusing? If its from a web page that sell imitation phone, of course everything it sells are imitation phones! Dont you read the specification! I'm so angry and give the links, proof of shipping and many more.

Right now, I'm feeling that I'm going to face a defeat, again. If Paypal becomes bias and wanted to make the buyer win just so that Paypal "don't have to pay for anything", let this post be a lesson that in Resolution Center, merchant or sellers ALWAYS lose. Get a grip and go for other options, Google Checkout, Moneybookers, Alertpay and so on. Till then!

P/S : Moneybookers charged me extra MYR10.00 for Casino Chips, what is that suppose to mean? I have'nt use Moneybookers yet and I'm surely not going to spend it on gamble. I'm filing a complaint to them after this!


  1. I have seen similar complaints that payPal seems to take the buyers' sides more often than others. It's not easy to make a buck, is it?

  2. Yup,im not the only thats for sure. Its not that easy. Well, maybe I just to go for the alternative afterwards.