Monday, May 4, 2009

Seven Shipments On The Go

Today I managed to ensure that seven pending items are on the go. After giving all of my buyers their shipping tracking numbers via eBay message system, I feel so relief. Finaly everything went well. Its the largest shipping delivery that I managed so far, the other would be 1-4 items only. When you ships the item via EMS, you should know that there's no warranty on the item eventhough its cheap and one thing for sure, the site only updates once the item reached its destination. Meaning that if you dont see any update on your EMS delivery tracking, it means the item is moving.

I'm not a guru nor a very powerful eBay seller, I only sell a few items per week and even with that I can still manage to obtain four figures. I'm sure many of you have read a lot of ebooks especially the one who really interested in taking eBay as a profitable field, well, good for you. In my opinion, as a seller, you should not stick to only one person or manufacturer for items. I mean, try to variety your dropshipping. If you asked me, my easily crashed and recover IE has over 10 favourite dropshipping sites that can easily searched on the search engine especially Google (credit for the Blogger..hah). Go to forums too such as or other forums that you can find.

After that, don't use them straight away. Make a small streaming by simply copy the name of the dropshipper and put scam. So, in search engine it should be "company A scam". Why? Its the fastest way to short listed your dropshippers. Do not intend to take risk on dropshipper that has a bad credit on the internet. Trust me, even if the item price is so low, its not worth it. Find dropshipper that offers released payment such as ESCROW. What's ESCROW? Shortly say that it means they pay the seller once the item been sent. More like Safe Trade on Lelong. That's much more secure. All my dropshippers have this types of method.

Lastly try and error. Don't simply use them to start your eBay selling. Order one item first. See if the item reached your destination or not? Try and error is important so that when you start selling, problem will not happen. Ya, don't forget to look at the sites layout too..ugly site can sometimes be a scam (except Craiglist, its ugly but not a scam site). Till then...I need to get some sleep, the literature papers this morning really killing me...

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