Friday, May 8, 2009

Take This, MK Enterprise!

Last few weeks I found on of the cleanest, neatest, nice layout dropshipping website. Its MK Enterprise. The price is so profound that I think I want to switch my main dropshipping company to them. MK Enterprise is not a China's dropshipper, that's for sure. The site really convincing and I decided to become a full eBay power seller using their dropshipping services by paying $29.90 via Paypal. After a few days, there are still no changes on my account status. Great, is this dropship is just another scam site? I'm not sure because the testimonials, items and website is too convincing.

So, I just send a dispute to settle with the seller regarding my membership and after two weeks I receive no respond at all. Paypal urges me to go for escalating the payment back. This is my first payment escalation for the past three years I've been using Paypal. The amount is not that much but I don't care because its about being truthful and honest on business transaction. Website like this have make internet marketing a bad name. So, I open a dispute and want to escalate the payment. Lets see how Paypal settled this.

Before this I've been escalated by one of my buyer. He's a scam buyer because he pays for my e-book and later creates an escalate to get back his money. Usually when it comes to buy something that does not involve shipping, Paypal will be bias and give the winning to the buyer. Nothing can be done about that so the fraud buyer gets away with $8.00. This tactic is the same like most credit card and Clickbank frauder as a paid buyer decided to take back their money for no reason. For me, no matter what the reason is, its considered as stealing. Below is the screenshot of the escalation.

At the same time, I receive a message from Jaryn, thank god she's reaches her destination safely. Go take some sleep ya. Unrelated to that, my friend from Wang Cyber has reached a good sales for his e-book, Panduan Temuduga Kerja Kerajaan (or something similar to that) and already gain over MYR12,000.00 ($4000) within two weeks. That does not include his other e-books. The unique things about his product is that it is unrelated with make money at all. Great niche to be ventured on. I envy him a lot. Congrates man.

I'm still reading through the book that I bought from SMO, very packed and quality content. I'm so relief that I found this book before buying any other piece of crap's e-book that already tsunami in the marketplace. Got exam at 3.00 pm, till then!

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