Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tips On Buying Imitation Branded Watches

Branded watches have always becomes a favorite item to sell either in flee market, night market or even online auction website such as Lelong and Webidz. Its difficult to sell these items on eBay because the system might turn you off because this is not original branded watches but only high quality imitation. The watches, eventhough not original, has original characteristic and features such as dials, automatic gears with no battery needed and same outer shell. When it comes to buy imitation branded watches, there are a few things you need to watch out.

Some of today's imitation branded watches that being sold on flee market or night market is so low in quality as some of the features cannot be used. The head is so bulky as if you're wearing a very big Power Ranger's transformation gadget at your wrist! This will eventually make the watch slightly bigger, more appeal (so appeal that people know its not original at all) and heavy. The good thing about it is that you can change your watch into a knuckle at any time if you need extra power on your punch (emergency cases, dont do this with real watch). So, if you wish to buy any watches only, ensure to ask the size of the head. Often sophisticated head comes with a big size head.

The second you really need to watch out when buying imitation branded watches is the brand of the watch itself. Most imitation watches only imitates branded watches such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Ferrari, Cat, Casio and other branded names that you can think off. These names are big, but some are just not suitable for you and what you were doing right now, yes, I mean your job. You need to know how far you willing to put your stack on the watch in the real world so that it looks more realistic. Imagine that you're working as a despatch, having a Rolex is not realistic at all but an Omega or Tag Heuer seemed a much better offer. But if you're passion is on Rolex, these principles don't apply to you.

The third things that you really need to watch out before buying an imitation branded watches is the price and label. Notice that some of the pictures been provided by the seller is not real and there's a label saying that "this is the original picture". Watch out because you might get the watch in a different appealing. It will never get any better than the picture the seller provided but might get much worse than it. So, before purchasing, asked the seller to give you some actual pictures of the watches especially if you buy in bulk. You also need to watch out on the price as some sellers use shill bidding to keep the price at high stake. Know your limit, an imitation worth RM300 is not worth it, better go for an original Casio worth the same amount. Be a smart consumer, till then!

P/s : I just get stocks and catalogues for imitation branded watches today, maybe I'm going to sell them tomorrow.

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