Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Try Zen Cart" Project = Postpone

I've been reading the book regarding Zen Cart for almost a week now (maybe more) and really excited on trying out to build my ecommerce mart by my own hand. Seeing it under failure or glory is simply a nice experience. Unfortunately, the web hosting that the book refered to got some problems, it not only cannot accept Paypal at the moment and popup errors but also the customer service cannot be contacted. I received messages saying the delivery failed due to some reasons (lazy to read) and will try again later. Its not that I can't use other web hosting but I don't know if there's any fantastico installed or not (I even don't know what fantastico is!).

Since the book gives visual guides only to the web hosting that been refered, I will try to stick around a few more days. If the things continue to be the same, I might have to toss a coin and make a choice, finger's cresent (adapting quotation based on background)! I've been dying to try and make my own ecommerce site using Zen Cart when I looked at some of my friend's ecommerce site. Waiting for Niagakit from Flarebiz company might take a while therefore I better try this out. The cost is only $40, that's good enough. Imagine if I successfully created the ecommerce site, I might be able to be a Zen Cart installer and earn a bit from it.

I would like to remind you, my fellow readers that the review competition will ends tonight and the winner will be announced a few days later. So, take your chances and give me a review, don't forget to send it to my email, yakuza666(a)! Winners will get $20 each and 500 EC for droppers. Some of you asked me, how many have submitted their reviews. So, what if I say NONE, will you be motivated? Is it really NONE? Nope, its not but its a few. Meaning that you still have bigger chances to win the prizes! Contest will ends at 12.01 tonight based on my time frame +8.00. The rules and regulation can be seen here.

Noticed the widget at the right bottom of this blog, its from Youth Media. They say that the traffic generated from Youth Media is great, and no dropping requires. Meaning that all that came to your blog is interested with it, not because wanted to earn more points but of course Entrecard system works well to because traffic should be rewarded and one of the way is by earning points to advertise. I rejects paid ads, how about you? Till then!

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