Friday, May 8, 2009

Trying Out Zen Cart

Yesterday while waiting for my friend I went to SMO (Syarikat Muda Osman), a bookstore that very popular in Kelantan. Its equivalent with MPH and Popular bookstore. While browsing through some of the books and magazine, I found SaifulSham's book entitled Sistem Kedai Online dengan Zen Cart (Guide to create ecommerce website using Zen Cart). I looked through it and decided to buy it. After all, I've been thinking of creating my own ecommerce website for weeks already and I decided to go for another step. Instead of asking others to make one for me, its better if I tried to create it myself! I'm still under process of reading in before starts the first step.

I also looked on my ugly Wordpress free platfrom web blog where I sold my imitation phones and quite amazed with the number of visitors. I haven't advertise it yet (will never advertise it) yet the number of visitors are 52. Wow, it seemed the niches really hit the spot especially on words such as Bold, iPhone, Xpress Music. Unfortunately, no new sales so far from that web blog. Oh well, since the site is ugly, it's surely a bad luck charm to the site. Conclusion? Don't make an ugly ecommerce website!

Reading some updated post regarding lelong's new policies and features sure give me some info on what happens in lelong since I don't sell things over there for a while due to account restriction ( I forgot to put fixed number, maybe later). It seemed that lelong has put a new category on the listing which is iPhone that suits only for original iPhone sellers. Imitation can only be placed at others section. Great, now I need to find another dropshipper. I got one from Singapore but the price is not competitive, its too high. Original iPhone 16GB for MYR3000 is something that I don't have in mind.

Right now I'm blogging while reading my notes for tomorrow's exam and watching subbed One Piece episode 399 at the same time. No wonder my pointer for last semester only 3.15. Nevermind, till then!

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