Monday, May 25, 2009

Venture Without Knowledge = Dead Meat

Within the past few years, Malaysia is showing a good progress and publication in agriculture as the previous prime minister wanted Malaysia to be the center or hub for Halal's food. Due to this facts, government has come up with many solutions such as subsidies, training and camping, campaigns and many other method so that Malaysia's agriculture will boost and the prime minister's dream can become a reality. Because of this, we can see that last year, many types of agriculture comes into play. Some are new and others are renewal of old techniques. The one that really attracted medias attention and been publicized in a large scale is breeding of fishes especially catfish, frogs, worm and leech.

Unfortunately, due to the extra eagerness to venture into such business without having a proper knowledge and only think about profits, some instant breeders been stuck between a large amount of productions but no seller. Most of this instant breeders only refer to website and do not go to camping and campaigns that been held by Ministry of Agriculture and often joint venture with another breeder that either a liar or do not have the knowledge necessary. Because of this, the breeder do not have a market to sell their products.

I have a friend that invest a lot in breeding catfish and leeches. He is one of the instant breeder that jumps into the arena without proper training. After a few months, his harvest went well but he got problem of selling the goods. Its so frustrated when the leeches and catfishes really in a good shape but he don't know who's to sell to. Because of this, he advertised on the newspaper (which cost money) in order to find seller. Eventually a seller comes and buy his goods cheaply. Because of desperation, he sold it without any hesitation. Later I found out that the seller is actually selling back the products to the government agency and earn from it, something that a breeder can do without a middleman if he went for a course or two. You can see that in Youtube, there are still a lot of breeders that have the same problems as my friend does due to lack of knowledge.

Similarly, if you venture into online marketing without proper training, you might end up paying things you don't need, buy e-book that waste of time and money and wasting your time finding the right methods. Therefore, it is advisable for newbies to get a personal coaching or at least a friend that already have a foot or two on internet marketing as a guidance for a better result. Don't venture into online business alone because you might end up losing everything.

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