Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Violating A Trademark And Prejudice On China

As an eBay seller, have you ever violate a trademark before? I mean until the extend of getting a warning letter from the authorized reseller themselves? Well, I get that warning on the very first day I wanted to sell new things instead of a phone which is a music instrument. The item is a guitar, one of the best Steve Vai signatured guitar, the imitation of Jem7V. Do noted that I don't lie on any of the specification and I did stated that this is an imitation version of the original guitar. I don't even put the keyword Ibanez or Steve Vai. Its just Jem7V Electric guitar.

After been warned for the first time, I realize that even names are trademark eventhough you don't put any brand or the signatures stands for. Its my mistake so I decided to look through the policy once more and find that as long as it does not suit with the trademark name, its okay. So, I put Jem7 only with no V at the end. Can this method been considered as spamming of keyword on eBay? It might but what can be done if the name of the item is just like that. How quality this imitation guitar might be? One thing for sure, the guitar is made from Rosewood, it has all the picks and electric signature of the original Jem7V and the head is made from Japan, very high quality and precise head. The price? $500 only! Now, that's surely a blow. Of course, if you're a true fan of Steve Vai, you might want to get the $2500 original Jem7V or just show off with your friend with the imitation version.

Continuation on that, I get a bid from a US buyer. He is so eager to get the guitar and asked for any other pictures so that he can see it through. Well, he said, "Cool man, Japs head!" He prefer head from Japan compared to China due to the quality since head plays important role on producing the sound. Well, too bad the bid need to be ended because got another message not from the authorized reseller but from eBay saying that I'm spamming keyword. Good, unfairness on judgement. The auction ends early but thank god the buyer contacted me by message saying that he still wanted the guitar. Unfortunately, his parents did not agree to buy it because its made of China. Sorry man, that's just too bad.

Think about this, what is your everyday item that China didn't create? I'm not only talking about the power of imitation that they have (Imagine, China automotive can even imitate a Porsh Cayyen S and change it. That does not include imitating a Roll Royce!) but there's other reason as why they produce a lot of things. Most original branded items (Adidas, Nike, Puma) also produce their items there because of the cheap labors and the government current policies. Of course, cheap labor means less skilled which also means low quality. If these companies don't have a QC, you might get a torn Adidas shoes at home as that's the only reason the quality still maintained. What about the guitar that I sell? Is it useless when its made in China? No. The guitar been inspected for quality by Xi Ge Quality Inspect and guess what, 80% of their guitars and components been shipped under OEM for famous manufacturer of guitars!

"Xi Ge? Never heard of it." If that what you think, you should consider this. China just open their doors to the world a few years ago. Even that, they still don't permit some of the devices due to government policies such as WiFi which is vital to expand the brand and company names. Remember what happened to M8? Yes, Meizu M8 should have WiFi and 3G but because of the policy, the released version don't have such chip installed. That's why the pre released M8 becomes a hot selling cakes. Overall, stop being prejudice. Give some spaces to others too. Till then!

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