Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why I Dont Start With eBay Dot Com

I got some questions from some of my friends about why I don't start selling on eBay dot com but instead just stick to southeast Asia's eBay? Well, to be honest with you the reason is that my items have been bid by some joy bidders and nothing can be done if they quick grab the item. The result is a list of unpaid buyer, and I'm losing my money because every time you post an item on eBay dot com, you have to pay for it, its around $4.00. That is a lot of money.

Actually after I think back in the past, I should not be a seller. I should become a buyer first. This is the vital mistake that I have done. For those who wanted to become an eBay seller, try to be a buyer first, earn some stars by building your trust reputation because that will surely help you a lot in the future when you started to sell your item because they don't separate the stars between buyer and seller unless if your potential buyer looked at your profile. The count of your stars will effect your sight in the eBay search engine.

Right now I got nine unpaid items, and thank god I use southeast Asia's eBay so I don't need to pay for the listing. The bad thing about using these types of eBay (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines) is that the chances to get unpaid buyer is slightly higher because some of them is a new buyer. Can you imagine, one of my buyer is from Philippines and he wanted me to COD the item when I'm in Malaysia, that's crazy.

So, overall. Both dot com and local scope eBay got its own negative and positive aspects that really needed to be conducted. It might be free but the list of unpaid items might be longer that the one you sold on dot com. Till then! This font looks ugly on Mozilla...

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