Saturday, June 6, 2009

Approving 94 Ads : Harmful

A few days ago, including today, I got continuous emails from Adbrite notify me about 94 full pages advertisements that needed to be approved or rejected. It's very dangerous especially for me to auto approved all the ads because I don't want to accept any ads that seemed inappropriate to my blog and my principle such as gambling, wine and tobacco ads. Right now, its more like a trend that people taking a full pages ads rather than a banner. Why?

The reason is simple. If your website is not depends on adsense, you might simply wanted to expose yourself by bringing the site to your potential customers rather than the customers have to come to the website. Most of these sites are dropshippers, ecommerce websites and mobile commerce websites that sell ringtone and wallpapers. By bring forth the websites to the customer, the customer will take a look at it and decided whether to skip or not. The not so good thing about this is that the percentage to get skipped before the website is fully loaded is so high because its not that's not the main purpose of the reader to be at the blog. For example, you advertise an ecommerce website on an anime site. Once the reader wanted to download, your page appears. The reader will definately skip your website because he or she wanted to continue download at the previous site. That's goes for non adsense site.

Adbrite for adsense is like a jet fueled engine. Imagine this, by placing your blog for a full page ads, its like you presenting your blog to reader which eventually increase the impression rate of the blog. Impression also played a main part to increase adsense income and not just search, content and click. If you use Adbrite as a medium, I can guarantee a sky rocket income for you but there's a big catch to this. The first one, you need a credit card. Trust me, I used debit card and it been rejected after a few clicks. The second one, percentage of you been banned is high because your impression is certainly too high. Imagine from 100 to 100 000, isn't that too high for a day? The third one, the quality of reader is very low because they wanted to skip the ads.

Approving full pages ads are harmful as well. Imagine my blog accepting full page ads, I'm sure within a few days, I can see significant decline of readers over the days because its really hit the mood bar of the reader and the reader feels frustrated with the ads which later decided not to visit us any longer. Fortunate enough, other types of site might showed differently. Downloaded sites such as anime and movie sites are suitable sites for full pages ads. This is because the reader willing to skip the ads and come back because the sites entity is all about the downloads. Example, I'm sure you will still be willing to visit even though it has a full page ads because you wanted the entity which is quality torrent.

This is an automated post system. I'm not around for 2 days because I need to go to my uncle's wedding and be his bestman. Fellow Entrecard droppers, please drop just like usual and I shall drop you back later. Fellow readers, please enjoy your stay and read previous posts of your choice as well, take care and till then!

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