Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Entrecard Cashout! Pro & Cons

Yesterday I got a message from Entrecard team saying that they have approved and decline all cashout application and also fixing a few bugs to ensure that the Entrecard can move smoothly. I've checked mine and guess what, my application has been approved and I can cash out my Entrecard points soon. Unfortunately, by looking at the rate, it will later before I can seriously do that because $1 for 1000 Entecard points are just not worth it. Better if I just stick to advertising my blogs or simply approved a few more paid ads until I reach a better payout. I forgot how to calculate the rate of cashout, I think its E=MC2.

The latest movement by Entrecard can bring pros and cons and I really don't like the cons side. The pros are there will be more active Entrecard droppers and maybe more people will start to approve paid ads to have a better rate. This means that there will be more visitors to your website, the droppings will be much better and since people are dropping in, your Entrecard points will increase in a much better rate. Your campaign in Entrecard will be more effective as well and there will more exposure to your website or web blog.

The cons are there will be more people that joined the movement of "300 EC in 1 minutes" sort of movement. What the heck! 300 EC in 1 minutes will only increase the bounce rate and this will eventually make any visit meaningless. I never agree with this fast and quick EC droppers. Please take your time to see the websites and read a few articles before dropping, that's what Entrecard for. I really hope that one day this bounce rate can be destroyed and there will be no spring readers. Till then!

P/s : Now being a dropaholic surely gonna reward you :)

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