Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Entropay Enigma : VCC Introduction

Yesterday I registered at Entropay, one of the websites that offers virtual credit card and I'm sure most of you already know how to make money with that. I'm about to do the same but decided not to do it for now as my concern is to have my VCC for my own usage. So, I do all the necessary things including twinning it with my real debit card and guess what, I can't transfer any fund to it! This is so frustrating because it will takes more time for me to ensure my VCC works. VCC without funds is useless, just like your ordinary debit card.

For those who don't know what VCC is, I can say that VCC is a virtual credit card (that's so obvious) and its important especially when you don't want to reveal your true debit card details so that people will not scammed on your debit card details and spend till you drop dead with debts. VCC can be applied at some of the banks and most likely some merchant such as Entropay. Most VCC are Visa and I never seen Mastercard VCC yet. It might be around but I haven't stumbled across it.

So, some people make money by selling VCC to those who don't have debit card but wanted to do online marketing such as verifying eBay and Paypal. These VCC were often sold inside forums and some even have a website for it. Some of my friends really make money selling VCC and most VCC were sold between MYR18 - MYR25 per card. So, if you have a debit card and wanted to make money from it, try to use Entropay. Its violates the regulation but I'm sure many of you are black hat fella, right...huh, don't lie and stated "I'm an honest white hat".

Back to the story, I already go through the Mastercard Safepass (or something similar to that) and have deducted some amount from my debit card. I've called the bank this morning and the customer service stated that an amount has been deducted to Entropay but when I take a look at my Entropay account, the fund amount is still $0.00 which makes my VCC useless at all. Therefore, I've sent a help coupon to their help desk and hope to get a reply soon. Till then!

P/S : For those who knew how to gain VCC directly from Visa, do share it here :D

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