Thursday, June 4, 2009

Entropay : Resolved And Celcom Storm 9500

Yesterday I talked about my problems with Entropay. Its about the credit that have been deducted from my debit card account regarding funding my Entropay account where lastly I decided to ask for help from Entropay themselves regarding the problem. Less than 12 hours after the message been sent to them, they replied back to me and I'm satisfied with the details they provided.

Its seemed that there is a possibility that the amount is still under pre-authorization where the bank will hold the amount for a while until they checked the payments detail to protect the card holder from jumping into scammed sites and many more. The authorization of the payment might take around three days which is a lot faster than bank account pre-authorization which takes about a week. As usual, I posted here the exact screenshot of the message that I received from them.

I hope by the end of this week, I'm able to use my virtual credit card to approve some of my accounts and might be able to do something to increase my income by selling vcc to those who might need them. Using vcc to verify an account not only much faster but also much secure in the terms of time and payment exposition on the internet. Revealing real credit card details might cost you a great deal of debt if people misused the card.

Not related to that, today I saw a television advertisement regarding Celcom giving away Blackberry Storm 9500 for every Executive Plan. I wonder for how long do you have to undertake the plan and how much you have to pay, just like what they have done with these "Unlimited Broadband" where I ended up paying for both the fees and the modem, nothing free actually. For those who really loves of having a Blackberry Storm 9500, here's something you should know, STORM DONT HAVE WIFI! Better go for Maxis iPhone 3G lol. Till then!

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