Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally, Its Over

A few days ago I made a post about my uncle's wedding and yesterday everything has been settled. Finally, its over and its surely involved a lot of sweat, money and time. Even though we already hired others for the food and settlements including the canopy and so on, its seemed that if we don't lend our hand, all the dishes will take some time before its really goes to the dish washer. Here's a few pictures that I would like to share with you during the counter visit last Saturday.

I bet most of you already got an email from Apple about their latest laptop promotion. It's seemed that its quite stylish and really up to the standard of new and improved Apple laptop. Yesterday, I saw the laptop (if I'm not mistaken) first hand when someone brought it to the cafe where I drank my Espresso and Mocha Latte just to kill the time while searching for games and software using Installous. Since my iPhone only support 2G, its best if find a Wifi spot such as that cafe. The laptop is okay but the design a little bit bulky though. The Apple logo is stylish especially in Malaysia where Apple is trend, style and also a symbol of luxury as its more towards exotic compared to Acer or Dell.

I'm stuck in my grandma's house for a few days right now since she's in the hospital and someone needs to watch over the Indonesian workers that doing the house extension right now. There's too many cases about maids and workers stealing and running away with valuable goods and even join in robbery and house breaking so I'm guarding them right now. No discrimination on the nationality but that's how it goes here. Better be aware than sorry. Till then!

P/S: I'm so sorry that within this few days I hardly post anything and its more towards personal things. I can't do anything much because my fund still hasnt reached Entropay.

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