Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GM Bankruptcy : A Well Told Tale

Just like any other fairy tales or tall tales in the books that we read when we were still an infant or a child, it all comes to an end and full of advices, directly or indirectly. The story of Red Riding Hood wants us to be aware of what that comes before us and the story of Ants and Grasshopper really gives a good deal of advice regarding future planning. GM Bankruptcy news are a mix of these two tales, failing to plan is plan to fail. Who would has expect that GM finally need to file for bankruptcy and its very unexpected because for 100 years it has symbolized the nation, America. Wait a minute, maybe it did symbolize the nation after all! (It's economic disaster)

I hope that those workers who need to be cut down, almost 21 000 factory workers will have a bright chances to have other jobs instead or just try to venture into online business, open your own business or try your luck in multilevel marketing! I wonder if GM will make auction sales of all its cars and automobile to cover the cost, it might just work, right? All GM got to do is joint venture with eBay and make an auction site specially for GM companies to sell their cars and vehicles online for affordable price and good payment plan. It's just my two cent. If GM do that, maybe corporate sectors and government sectors will have some interest to buy the cars in bundle, think about it.

From these event, we can conclude that no matter how big your marketing empire is, be prepared for the worse and always aware that when you're on the top, that doesn't mean you're not going down. In GM case, its really blows them from skyrocket to burial ground. In business, there are always ups and downs so for those who has business, instead of just spend everything after getting your profit, you might as well start to save cash money (not asset) inside the bank or simply melt it into gold for storage. This is to ensure that if there's any downfall especially due to economy recession, our company is already well prepared.

So, for those who thinks their on top of the world right now, especially those who called themselves as "the other standard" types of people due to their success in online business, start to be humble and don't think that one success will ensure the other. This is business and its based on a real world where anything can happen. Stop to grade yourself because after all, you are just another human, just like me but have a slightly bigger wealth. Don't be too proud of it as god can take it in a matter of second. If GM can fall, so can you. Till then!

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