Monday, June 15, 2009

Lesson Learnt - Think Ahead Before Deleting Your Email Account

It's one of my biggest mistake so far, I'm quite frustrated today but nothing can be done about it. Taking action without thinking of all the consequences is really hit me back real hard. What I've done? A few years ago, I had a Yahoo mail and has been using it ever since to register to many programs such as paid per post and many more. Unfortunately, today, due to small mistake, I've hit the termination button and all went blank. There's a story behind it but its too dangerous to talk about it in a blog.

What I really regret about is that I haven't made a copy of all my contact inside my Yahoo messenger and end up having none. Wargh! All the business contacts went to the drain and I am so frustrated. Thank god some of the contacts already have their phone numbers but others will be long gone. I need to go back to some forums and contact them back later on. Hurm, lesson from this scenario is always backup your contact.

I still haven't got any news of my Entropay account and I really hope that the payment will be authorized within this week. The longer the period, more time will be wasted and I cannot start my other business that I've been working on. Once the account has fund, I can start the business and see how smooth it will go through. For those who were wondering what kind of business I will involved in, it will be more towards eBay, VCC and many more.

I am so lost after that email been deleted because now I need to subscribe back to some of the websites that I found useful such as Gobala Krishnan, John Chow, John Cow, Problogger, Blogger Templates and many more. It going to take some time to trace back all the websites but I hope by the end of this month, I be able to get back on track. Till then!

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