Thursday, June 4, 2009

My iPhone Is Lincoln Burrows

Today is my first attempt trying to free Lincoln Burrows (My iPhone) from Apple's high security prison using the help of Michael Scofield (QuickPwn) so that my iPhone can be tuned to suits my needs. Before this I don't really goes into jail breaking but since the latest news saying that Apple only support latest firmware OS 3.0 that includes MMS only for the 3G version, I became so pissed off because they neglected us just because Apple don't sign an agreement with T&AT regarding MMS (that's only a speculation). It's kinda true though because the recent interview that has been done to the chip manufacturer revealed that both using the same chip, and the only different is on the software itself. If not, why software such as Swirly Space enable iPhone to receive and send MMS?

For your info, I really don't mind about the background customization, icon customization and other features but I really wanted my iPhone to receive and enable to send MMS. Not having MMS for iPhone is like having a modern car that use stonage technology. It has been a part of everyday life as MMS really makes texting better with pictures to share among friends and I'm willing to take the risk of jail breaking my iPhone. Besides, there are more than 2 million jail brakers all over the world and the best part is, jail breaking will not void my warranty!

I've surfed the internet searching for the best way to jail break and some people are already making money by jail breaking other's iPhones. It's not that I wanted to ruin their business but after looking on some sites such as, jail breaking has never been so easily instructed. You also need to go to for some helps regarding some errors you might be facing when installing QuickPwn. Credit to both websites, thank you for your help and guide!

As far as I concerned, Swirly Space is only applicable for jail break iPhone and its really a best application so far and already won many awards. Swirly Space really turns the table and give fair chances for 1st generation iPhone user such as myself to feel the blessing of MMS into iPhone. Of course, a great application don't come for free as it will cost you a total of $18.00 for both installer and updates but its really worth it. You had spent a lot on buying an iPhone, you might as well spend a little more on upgrading the MMS system as well.

Regarding QuickPwn, I salute them for a good software to give freedom for iPhone users like me to enhance my iPhone and extend it to a better level. I'm not sure why they use the logo of a chewed pineapple, maybe its not only reflect a chewed apple (Apple's logo) but also reflect that its a painful procedure (its painful to chew a pineapple) to create the software so that everyone that been using it will really appreaciate the founder and developer of the software. Overall, by the time I wrote this post, I'm still waiting for the software to connect my iPhone under recovery mode. Later I need to push a few buttons such as home and sleep/wake buttons in a sequence. Till then!

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