Monday, June 1, 2009

My Latest In Stock

This week there's a few stocks coming in and new items have been posted on the internet. Most of the items are considered as "big risk" especially for eBay seller as strict rules and regulation applies to most of them. Some might even not get any notification and been banned straight away without having the ability to defend oneself. So, most of my items are not posted in eBay but on other websites. These are a few things that I sell online. If you interested in any of it, don't hesitate to contact me.

Imitated iPhone 3G. Some of you might remember my quarrel with Mr. Anonymous until I decided to create a post about it and answered everything that been hit to me by him. Imitation iPhone, especially with the nearest replica of the authentic items are a hot selling item. But finding the exact replica is not easy as most replica only has 3.2 inches screen while an original one has 3.5 inches screen. Luckily, I have five good gred replica in stored in Malaysia and its surely hitting fast. I sell this replica 1:1 for only RM500.00 each.

iTunes Gift Card. iPhone without iTunes is just like a car without a tune-up. Its dull and very boring. In iTunes, there are tonnes of application and interesting games such as Assasin Creeds and Resident Evil and applications such as zooming and many more. These applications and games need to be purchase and by buying iTunes Gift card for a cheap price, you can save up to $50 from the original value. iTunes Gift card cannot be sold on eBay and its a hot demand right now. I sell all iTunes Gift card for US store starting from $50 to $200 for a good deal.

Motorola Razr V3. Who has ever imagine that this stylish flip phone can cost you less than $100 nowdays and that's a brand new one. Razr V3 is the peak of its time with great design, good function and a good price as well. The price has gone in a great length and I decided to try it out. I sell Motorola Razr V3 for only $76 and the price becomes cheaper for bundle buyer.

Branded Watches. My target is only two brands, Rolex replica and Blitzking replica (if I spell that right) and both of these watches really hit the market well especially for those who really wanted to show off a little bit. Not like any other replica, mine are a good replica that dont offer you a bulky head and a heavy steel to exercise your wrist. Its automatic and good quality. The price is only around $40 and the quality is surely priceless!

These are some of the things that I poured in my stocks for this weeks. Income can be vary but its worth a shot, right? I used to earn thousands per week but just like any normal marketing, there's always ups and down. I still don't start my ecommerce site yet, too lazy..huh, till then!

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