Thursday, June 11, 2009

New From Apple : iPhone 3G S !

Today I got a promotional email from Apple about their new iPhone, iPhone 3G S ! I'm not sure what S stands for, either its Super, Superb, Stylish or Sucking more money from iPhone lovers (pardon me for the use of word sucking because some might think it negatively). So, what's on Justify FulliPhone 3G S?

Based on the email I got today, iPhone 3G S has the same exterior as other iPhone, maybe the screen will be much wider but the placement of the button is still the same. It claims to have twice the surfing speed, twice the camera speed and twice the application acceleration. It doesn't claim of having pixel more than 2.0 Megapixel but it did say that iPhone 3G S equip with video recording that can be uploaded to Youtube and so on. It also has MMS and other new features. I'm not sure what will the OS be but its surely not 3.0 because 3.0 are meant for iPhone 3G and jailbrakers are already putting a plan to free iPhone from that OS as well.

Should I be angry? A little bit because Apple is really good on create an establish brand. When we first thought iPhone 2G was cool, they came up with iPhone 3G. After we bought iPhone 3G, they decided to create iPhone 3G S! The smooth, style design and funky button really covers the "no MMS and video call" and right now iPhone 3G S gonna cover all of it! Am I going to buy it? I'm not sure because... (see below)

Just something else, will you blend your iPhone? I'm not that wealth to blend a phone and this fella blend an iPhone! Better give that to me rather than blend it, such a waste of money...

I'm not sure because I've heard there will be another version of iPhone under going research and development. It's called iPhon-e and guess what, its so thin that you can fold it inside your pocket but at the same time it has camera, touch screen, bluetooth and wireless! (I wonder how to put your simcard though). I'm not sure the authenticity of this report because only one blog state about it. I would love to give the credit to the blog but I forgot which one. Owh well, I'm sure within another 10 years, all phones will be like that! Till then!

P/S : I think for now I'm grateful with my iPhone 2G. Just using Edge is enough..but seriously, not having video call really a little bit pain in the arse (sensor for google search engine,hoho...)

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