Sunday, June 28, 2009

Searching For A Second Momentum

It has been almost two months I did not sell anything or even earn anything online not because of decline in customer but because I'm too busy with my layman's schedule and too lazy to start anything right now. Entering university is just a few days away and I think since its going to cost a lot entering university for a new semester, I might need to do something about it. I decided not to bring a car because its not costly effective, been decent by going there using university's bus is really costly effective because I don't have to pay for both tolls and fuel. Bringing motorcycle is a risk but under consideration.

Searching for a second momentum has never been easy therefore its better if you already start with something, just continue with it and don't stop it because once you feel ease with it, you will have a hard time to start anew. Being satisfied with current situation is my greatest regret, I should try to search more, earn more revenue and save more. I've a thought to invest on some financial management program by ASB and Maybank but since I don't earn anything for now, all of it going to the grave.

I've been thinking, should I start to open a registered company? I'm sure it will help a lot especially selling online goods on eBay and Lelong because I have an established company. Make one is easy but I might have some problems because I don't have any experience in doing so. I'm not going to use Paypal as one of the merchant payment because Paypal really hit me hard. At first email, they say they will be backing me up but later they let my fraud buyer wins the resolution. I'm frustrated but nothing I can do. Can I file a sue in court? Hurm..fighthing Paypal in court might be hard because they have millions to find a good lawyer compared to me. Paypal sucks!

Anyway, lets hope that one way or another I can get back my momentum. For now, I might still use Paypal for some occasion because purchasing things in Cydia need to use Paypal but for main merchant account, I might use either Alertpay or Moneybookers. Till then!

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