Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sell Online : Now A Niche On TV

This week, I'm amazed to see many channels suddenly focused more on online stuff related program compared to last month, or last year. I don't know whether Malaysia had been infected with online stuff but this year everything related to internet has been a trend. For example, in the government television there's a program entitled "blog", and now in TV3 the woman's program focused on sell things online.

Maybe its just for publicity because the seller is a wife of somebody (a businessman's wife) so its kinda not awkward if she paid the television station for the interview of her free hosted websites where she sells lots of stuff she got in bundle. Some of the stuffs are pretty attractive such as retro concept passport booklet, belts with big buckles that woman love to wear and even a very sparky shoes. She mentioned that she did all the hard work including delivering the item to the post office and so on but I'm sure her maid doing that for her.

On the other hand, in 3R, there's a topic related to making extra income to pay for expenses where the main topic would be passive income and one of the way they suggested is make money online by selling handmade items and bundled items on the internet using free hosted blogs and sites such as Blogspot. I'm not sure how they documented it but some of the program really went a little bit to far because the way they tell you as if sell things online is just a piece of cake. It's not and a lot of hard work involved.

Aside from that, I'm trying to share my laptop's internet with my iPhone using SSH software but failed. Quite a lot of programs been installed but I still cannot get it done. Some websites offers outdated materials. On the other hand, I finally found a good iPhone apps that made my iPhone able to capture video called Cycorder! I don't need to wait or regret about iPhone 3G S any longer. The video is good in quality and I love it! Till then!


  1. It's the same story here in the Philippines. There are now at least three or four local shows with the word "blog" on them. We haven't had a lot of shows though about online shopping

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