Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Pictures From The Trip

Hi, I'm back safe and sound to my home and be able to make this post. Actually I'm trying to write a post using iPhone but I can't get it done. Just some add on, as you can see, now I've equip my phone with a new installer from Cydia and able to get more games and software. If I'm not mistaken, the name of the installer is hack.lous or something like that and the only way to install it is by jail brake.

As I said before, I'm off to my uncle's wedding at Sungai Udang. The place is nice, so does the people and the scenery as well. My family came with a trip of 5 mpv's moving about in a single column and stayed at my parent's vacation house located at Puncak Alam. We brought some gifts from Perak including rings and some other things such as shoes, jewellery, watches etc. Here's the picture of the ring. The gifts been decorated nicely by our own family because hiring a professional cost a lot.

My uncle take the oath at night and after the "akad nikah" done, he did what all married couple did including wearing the ring and wore it to his wife and so on. At that night, both were wearing white baju melayu and baju kurung. There's no good angle for the pictures because people are hussling in so I can't get a clear shot. You should know that iPhone camera is a little bit slow..huhu...

Later the bride's family invited us for informal dinner, we ate noodles that using blackpepper as a main ingredient. Its so hot and chilling my tongue, no wonder people around there advices us to take the water as a preparation due to chilling sensation been triggered by the noodles. Sorry to say that I don't finished the noodles. It's nice but so hot and spicy. By looking at it, you can guess how many glasses of cold water you need to recover yourself.

Lastly, this is a picture of a "beduk". This one is already quite old but still in good shape. Beduk is a device where it will be hit and produce a decent sound that's not to loud and hard but enough to make many people hear them in the early morning. Till then!

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