Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 1 : Beginner's Guide To Internet Marketing

As I said before in my previous post, Jeremy Shoemaker is launching a 12 weeks tutorial programs for those who has no clue on internet marketing or simply wanted to learn more from the expert himself. I've registered as one of the subscriber and received the first email from that program today. It seemed that its been attached and open as pdf, meaning that the information can be stored and be read over and over again.

The first week entitled Beginner's Guide To Internet Marketing and its already has its own stings and glues that really make you stick with the program and can't wait for the next pdf document which is next week. The content of the first week itself is really good as Jeremy reveals the reality of online marketing, what is the source of income that online marketing provided and the best part is the Shoemoney Action Plan. Shoemoney Action Plan is the main reason why I subscribed. Its consist of preparation that you need to do to be an internet marketer, step by step.

On the introduction page, I'm quite shocked on how big (I mean, a lot of cholestrol) that Jemery had before he became an internet marketer. I wonder if the pressure really make him much slimmer or maybe he needed to reshape so that he would look differently and more confident when talking to other people inside seminars or work. Overall, its not about that size but the cheque that he owned. Imagine, in a year, by only selling things he passionate about such as handphone wallpaper and screensaver, Jeremy exploded more than $120,000.00! I really should quit my job (actually, I dont have any) and do online marketing big time.

Owh well, that's the review of the first week in Shoemoney's Internet Marketing Guide. For those who interested on subscribing to the program, you can simply go to the website by click here. I can't wait for next week tutorial entitled "Affiliate Marketing 101". Till then!

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