Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 2 : Affiliate Marketing 101

A week ago, I've posted about Jeremy Shoemaker's program where you're able to learn how to make money online with the online coach of Jeremy Shoemaker. Even though its not been done directly which will definitely cost you a lot, Jeremy put the program in sequence, one new thing per week for 12 weeks in order to prepare you, his subscriber to gain money online. Now its already week two for me, and the topic is affiliate marketing 101.

In affiliate marketing 101, Jeremy started the email by saying that its better not to follow directly and accordingly with any tips or hints that been given by others but try to experience them first hand. He stated that this is the best way because we will be able to find the loop hole to the online income by ourselves. To be honest with you, I'm really bad in affiliate marketing as I'm not good with words and don't know how to create a mini site.

As usual, the second week will give introduction to affiliate marketing, websites that offers the best affiliate items and conversion, money making and advertising tools, how to advertise your affiliate link, the best affiliate cloaking software and websites (not just the common TinyURL or SimURL) and many more including the "need to do" list. Its been only week 2 and I already feel very grateful that I've joined this program. The next one will be much flamming, week 3 : market research! Till then!

P/S : I'm quite busy preparing the house for counter invitation for my uncle, it will be held in two days time but I will try to find a time to make a post!

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