Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Week 3 : Market Research

It's Monday and that's mean another week with Jeremy Shoemaker in his 12 weeks programs and the title for this week is market research. So, in this week, the e-report that been distributed for free is more on how to make effective market research where many failed to do so. There is a few websites and software that he recommends and the explanation is crystal clear. As usual, there's a to do list at the end of the report where you can apply them to earn your first dollar online if you haven't earn anything yet.

So, what's the content all about? In details, Jeremy described how to find a suitable niche for your market using some of the tools and websites he provided that really can help you out. The niche will depends on a set of question so that you will find the best niche for you. Later, he connects it with SEO and PPC as how these two things effects the niches and your income directly or indirectly. Later, he started the chapter with the title "Start Your Research" with the total of 8 researches that can be done. Lastly is the action plan.

At the same time, today I browse through the internet searching for news regarding the latest updates of Manohara and Temenggung case. I've heard of some pictures connected with the domestic violation been distributed in public and media which many doubt it as a genuine evidence because that can be made up. This case quite give a relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia some havoc. I just let the judge take the case, I don't want to speculate anything but surely if the relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia cracked, many of Indonesians (hundred thousands) might have to be sent back to Indonesia. Just bare in mind, before you critisized and mocked Malaysia's government, think of the benefits Malaysia had given to you. Till then!