Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back Online

Its been a while since I posted my last post, a few weeks ago (or even month) as I had to prepare quite a lot of things as a preparation going to the main campus located in Shah Alam, Selangor. I think that's just a mere reason because I'm sure if I dedicated enough to be online, I can online but I guess I'm not that hardworking after all. So, has H1N1 struck your hometown? It had hit my university which eventually force the university to give early semester break for a week. Great, now my Eid Fitr holiday will only be three days instead of ten days, tough luck. One of my friends already been suspected H1N1 diseases therefore he's not coming back for another week.

Most of the previous post I talked about how to make money online almost all the time but maybe in order to gain back my interest on typing something on this blog, I decided to mix it up with both information and personal. That's still suits the title, Malaysian Internet Marketer's Two Cent. Right now I'm still selling things online but maybe more on offline. Speaking of offline, I know that most of you heard about MLM and one of it is Ceramic MLM. Well, I hope all their members can deal with the fact that Bank Negara had close them down. Some even left with monthly debts but nothing can be done about that. I hope they can find an alternative fast because most of them living luxurious life for the past few years, not knowing that even ceramic can fall.

Apart from that, me and my friend is going to make a full payment for car alarm system. Actually we not interested on the alarm (except my friend) but I'm more towards the goods where if you pay full RM1900.00, you will get a brand new iPhone 3G 16GB worth RM2850.00! That doesn't sound right on the market value because logically, you lose money by doing so. If this is true, I'm willing to pay for any car that wanted to install a car alarm system as long as I can get the phone. Since its pretty weird, my friend ask me to accompany him to see whether the iPhone is original or just China imitation. If its original, I might be selling it on Lelong a few days later..ha! Till then!

P/S : Seriously how do some people earn a lot from Adsense, I dont get it.

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  1. this confuses alot of people ! the average marketeer is happy with earning $5 per site while there are others who earn thousands !!!!!!
    multiple sites in a good niche is the answer