Monday, August 3, 2009

Fake Gift

Today I went to see the alarm system company with my friend to see whether the iPhone that been delivered as a gift for making a full payment is an original iPhone or not and its not something shocking because the iPhone that been offered is rather small and doesn't even have Apple logo. The name itself is not iPhone but Phone. Well, case close. My friend decided to pay monthly and not a lump sum because its not worth it. That phone only cost around hundred ringgit so better just pay monthly rather than lump sum.

But the way the owner create the scene is what we call as marketing opportunity and diversify from the real truth where gift can become an object to block one's sight where they have to give quite a large sum of money. Of course the gift itself must be unique and compatible with the current situation as in my case, the owner offers an "iPhone" or should I say, iPhone alike where its a hot niche on today's market. Till then!

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