Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nice Car!

To be honest with you, there are many cars that I don't have any opportunity to see face to face. Porsche and Lamborghini can be seen in Bintang Walk, Ferrari is quite common as well so does any other car. Malaysia's Royal Police using Mitsubishi Evo 10 and I've seen one pursuing a jacked car on the road in Kuala Lumpur. Fairlady is also common as I can see one parking near my residential area here in Shah Alam but what amaze me is seeing Humvee for the first time and it's run on six wheels.

Above is the picture I took located at KLIA when I'm fetching my father from his business visit to Sabah. The one that drove it is an indian, if that is not a driver or jockey but nevermind because my focus is on the car. I'm sure these car running hard on diesel or petrol (I don't know) and its really bring secure both in design and looks. I haven't seen Humvee on a street of Malaysia before and this is my first time.

Apart from that, have you ever try to make a living by simply win competition? I bet there are competition every months that offers prize money and many other exciting goods but can it become your source of income? It's surely gonna look bad on your monthly income rate especially for banks when you wanted to ask for loans because competition based on luck and creativity. I'm sure all competitions give simple questions for you to answer. I myself right now participating in Listerine competition, count the bacteria and win up to RM35,000.00 if I'm not mistaken.

What about other alternative? I've seen in Google where teenagers make lots of money by simply playing games. In Discovery Channel, there's a person that makes a living by gambling in casino (I don't urge that, gambling is not a good habit) Overall, if you want to find an income to make a good living, make sure its something good, be honest and decent in it and don't forget to put religion in front as well. A blessed income is the only income you should find. Till then!

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