Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Eid Fitri!

Tomorrow is Eid Fitri right here in Malaysia. Therefore, I would love to wish all of my muslim friends happy Eid Fitri, sorry for everything that I had done in the past and also happy holiday to all my non-muslim friends and readers, have a nice trip getting back to your hometown and be safe.

I'm not sure who's creating this digital card but the credit goes to the owner. To be frank, I'm right now quite busy writing for all my friends that already send their cards to me and for those who I can think of, sorry if the card arrived quite late, nothing can be done about it. I'm sure tomorrow there will be a heaven lots of messages going thru my inbox so I've cleaned the inbox already and of course I've saved a template message so that I can reply at once to all the people that send their message to me.

I also would love to remind myself and fellow readers to think about the poor and needy. It's okay if we dont wear new cloths, as long as our muslim brothers and sisters got clothes to wear. It's okay we dont spend on food and many other things such as decorating our houses as long as our muslim brothers and sisters have some money to buy food for their empty stomach. Don't forget to pay zakat to help the poor and needy. Help anyone you can find across, even if they are non-muslim, because they are still Allah's creation.

Be safe, don't drive fast because I'm so sure accidents will occur during this time of year. I've seen sandwiches accidents, bumper to bumber, tumble and lots more (all pictures are on my facebook) so drive safe so that you will arrive to your destination safe and sound. Its okay if you have to drive slow as long as you and your family is safe, right? Till then!

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