Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Money From Blogging : LinkFromBlog

Its undeniable that there are lots of paid per review programs on the internet as some are total scam and others successfully created big players on blogging business for example Social Sparks and ReviewMe. There are sites that need too high expectation that small blogger like me cannot coupe up with the requirement such as Pay Per Post and ReviewMe. Fortunate enough, some programs started to give small blogger more chances such as LinkFromBlog.

Have you ever heard of LinkFromBlog? Its rather an interesting program where you can either play as a blogger or keep up as an advertiser. Its easy to register and approved. Since there's no reports on it as a fraud program such as most of the pay per click sites, the credibility of the website is still at a high peak. I'm just joining them a few days so I cannot give a good definition on how good and easy for you to find advertiser and so on.

LinkFromBlog offers a chance for advertiser to expose themselves to the internet by taking other blog's SEO and pin them in, making them more invisible to the search engine. Apart from that, you can even try to be advertiser after been a blogger by transfering your points into points for advertising. Its pretty convinience and great. Payment for now is only using Paypal so I hope in the near future, they can enhance on the payment method. By the way, for those who wanted to try out new programs, try LinkFromBlog now by click here.

P/s : Activation of blog might take some time but its worth it if we think for the long term...

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  1. My blog has been activated less than 24 hours, quick job!

  2. Bro, ni program baru ke? Aku pun baru je register dan start promo. Ada hasil?

  3. Yup,seems macam this is a new program. Hasilnya belum dapat lagi but nevermind, just wait and see.