Monday, September 28, 2009

PayPerPost V.4 Alpha

I haven't been to PayPerPost website for quite some time since the last visit to that website is like a year ago, therefore I'm not realize that PayPerPost has actually created a new version, V.4 Alpha. Its quite a nightmare when I first try to apply for PPP since the requirement is quite strict and I'm end up been kicked out from the system. Trying my luck at V.4 Alpha, its seemed okay for now.

I'm not sure whether the word Alpha does mean its still under experimental period or its just a name for this program but its seemed that PPP V.4 Alpha does have some problems with both advertiser and publisher. Since its still might be under development stage, things like this is not something new and shouldn't be widely brag about. The problem can either be cash out problems and advertiser unable to create opportunities. I hope that people at PPP V.4 Alpha going to fix that because it might decrease its popularity.

Joining the program seemed a bit easy, and there's an improvement on how to claim a blog, much easier but its seemed some of the bloggers have a hard time approving their websites. Since I don't get that kind of problem, I'm not sure what's the problem. There's no bidding for opportunities and more towards opportunities come to you. Its kinda problem when your blog is still new and unrecognizable because you might end up get nothing since all the opportunities go to the pocket of the popular ones.

You don't have to check your account often since PPP V.4 itself will notify you via email if you've been hired to create a post. Payout is $50, effective via Paypal. So, wanted to try your luck? Check out by clicking here! Till then!

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