Thursday, September 24, 2009 Promotion now is having a promotion for purchasing dot com websites with free one page website for only $5.00. Of course you cannot compare this with promotion from Godaddy which is much cheaper if I'm not mistaken but at least since they give you free one page website, you might be able to alter it and becoming Google Adsense friendly and lastly gain income from Google Adsense.

The promotion only last until 30th September 2009 so if you think that its worthwhile, go ahead to and register a domain there. I'm not sure whether my promotion can be used as your own or not but go ahead and try them because I'm not going to purchase anything only for a while since I got quite a lot of payment need to be made before investing back on online as my passive income generator.

I think I'm not selective in this promotion since to be honest, I never purchase anything from The last one is a free dot com domain as one of promotion. So, I bet that they send this email to everyone on the mailing lists whether you are still active or not. By the way, its a good way to purchase a dot com domain because you got a page. If you able to maximize it, you might be able to have good PR and Alexa later on before submit them either to Sedo or eBay to sell it on a much better price.

Ops Sikap for these years show increasing of 194 deaths on the 11th day compared to last year which is only 154 deaths. It shows that the government campaign did not succeed very well. I hope I'm not contribute to the figure when I get back to university tomorrow.

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