Saturday, September 26, 2009

SeoBlogReviews - They Pay

The way I stumbled across this pay per post program is quite interesting and suspicious since they are the one that sending invitation to me to join the program so I just tried it. After a week, I got a message saying that there's review that can be done so either I wanted to participate or not. I just say okay to see how it goes and guess what, they did pay for what I reviewed.

SeoBlogReviews are focusing more on channeling a good source of income for blogger and reliable blogger for advertiser. I'm not sure what is the website's address since once you type, its automatically link you to a subscription form if you wanted to be a part of the blogger's review team. I be honest, the page since unprofessional and there's a chances of scamming but since they did pay me twice already, I have no doubt about it for now.

I'm not sure how SeoBlogReviews finding advertiser but one thing for sure, the advertiser will pay you first before you start posting. Meaning that the money came first then you can start posting. So, you can happily write a post since you know they already paid you. Unlike other pay per post program, SeoBlogReviews will first send you an email saying that either you interested on doing a review on certain website or not, you MUST answer back either its a yes or no. Later, if you got the job, they will send you money and you can start posting.

You will be given three anchor links and five days to complete your task. Afterward you need to submit your link to the given link. They will check it, probably less than 24 hours either your post been accepted or not. Well, want to try monetizing your blog? Subscribe to SeoBlogReviews by click here! Till then!

P/s : I'm using Moneybookers to manage my funds for SeoBlogReviews. You can choose between Paypal or Moneybookers.

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